Small BusinessWeb design

Great for a small company.

Simple but efficient.

small business web design laptop

Do you run a small business and need a simple but efficient website?

I offer you a websiteThat will fit you

  • A responsive web design for all devices. Ready in a week.
  • An optimized site to position in Google.
  • A self-manageable platform, you will be in charge of your website.
  • Solid but flexible. A website, like your company, that will grow according to your needs.
  • Up to 5 different sections included (for example: Home, Our Company, Services, Our location and Contact)
  • Steadily built. Thanks to the best premium plug-ins and frameworks (GeneratePress and Elementor Pro)
  • Up to 3 email accounts included.
  • Save yourself the trouble. If you want, I will hire and configure your hosting and domain at no extra cost.


  • Your company has just started and you don’t want to spend too much money on a website.
  • You are completely aware that your business requires a simple but efficient website.
  • You are looking for a nice display of your services and your company doesn’t require of more complex operations like selling online.

¿Why should you work with me?

   I have been 10 years working as a web designer and I am specialized in WordPress and SEO.  I have worked with clients which websites didn’t work anymore some months after the designer finished. Others felt scammed by companies that offered extremely cheap templates but then were forced to pay for extra services all the time. In the end, what seemed cheap becomes even more expensive.

    I offer you an honest service at a price I consider fair for you and for me. Enough for me to keep certain quality standards and to dedicate it the time you need. No surprises.

¿What does NOT include this website?

These services are available but at an extra cost:

  • Hosting and domain service cost.
  • Multi-language platform. In case you want your website in more than one language.
  • Creating and editing content. You will send me both texts and pictures you want to be displayed.
  •  Online shops, payment getaways, etc.
  • Premium Design. There will be a basic design adaptation (structure, fonts, colors) that won’t support complex code modifications.
  •  Law adaptation. Legal texts will be your responsability.
  •  Premium plugins installation and configuration,  such as backup plugins, security against malware and spam, among others.
  •  SEO Optimization. The website will be SEO friendly, but the work focused on optimizing your results in Google is not included. For that, you might want to hire an extra service.

I offer you all this at an unbeatable price:


(Taxes not included)

Save up to 89$ in Premium plug-ins

I am going to break down the cost of the tools I use for you. You will be able to double check it if you will by clicking on the links below. These are the premium services that will be included in your website and you won’t have to pay.

Now tell me, Do you think that a reliable and self-manageable website is worth less than 500$?

Are you ready?

Tell me how may I help you