A BRIEF INTRODUCTION: Freelance Web Designer

My name is Eduardo Sans and I am a freelance web designer with 10 years of experience in fields as diverse as web layout, branding, video edition, editorial design and photography. I develop websites using WordPress and coding in HTML5 and CSS3 for a more refined design. Due to my profession, I am a person with great attention for detail and passionate about communication. Last year I finished a master in NLP and I am a superior technician in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Want to know more about me?

My previous work Experience

I finished my studies as a graphical designer in Llotja in 2007. During my first experiences I put a lot of effort in working for big companies and big names, getting experience in companies such as Mango and Sercotel Hotels, seduced by the flashlights of something that big. Soon i realized that in such big companies there is no much room for development, duties are strictly asigned and what I was looking for was a bigger room for creativity. A more flexible position that would allow me to contribute doing a little bit of everything and becoming a professional of the multiple fields that conform my job.

So at one point I decided to change and look for smaller companies where the multi-discipline skills would be much more appreciated. I got experiences in companies such as BarnaRestaurantes, Ox Worldwide and Nexus Online. During this last experience I could take control of all the creative stages that a company requires: logotypes, applications and websites. From configuring a hosting to processes such as development, maintenance and positioining.

My job became more fulfilling, and after receiving various offers for freelance jobs I decided to work for some clients during my freetime.

Why did I decide to Go Freelance?

After these last two years combining my full-time job and my freelance job, I finally decided to take it one step further. Mainly because I get thrilled to get involved in so many projects and become a part of that illusion that moves people to start their own companies. I am going to be a freelance web designer.

How I do perceiveWeb Design

To design is to adapt. To adapt my customer’s ideas in a whole new context to generate relevance and interest, but above it all, to make it profitable.

The hability is to find these strong points in every customer and enhance them. Colors, details, typographies and the code. All these details must respond to that objective because design is the response to a real purpose. And that piece of reality should be the passion of every designer.

What I can doFor you

I am something more than just a technician. I like to see web design as something else than just a nice looking display. It must be useful.

Designing a website is just a part of my job as a freelance web designer. Assist you, help you to focus your content so it transmits a positive value towards your clients, listen to your suggerencies and lead you if necessary. I will share tools and ideas that enhance yours. It will be a trusting relationship because I understand as much as you do the value of running a company and what its image represents.

. I am a pragmatical person, I understand the importance of our needs and I will work based on the priorities that we establish.

. Besides the value of my skills, I offer you my field experience. I also started where you are now.

.I understand that the most important thing is to make something profitable. We will use all these tools to attract your potential client.

. In internet you have to be brief but efficient and at the same time closer to your audience. We will make your users come back.

I invite you to write me and we can talk about your project.